Reflection - Three Poems


S. Ainavolu

6/12/2022 2 min read

Living the sea

Sea, oh my sea! You are vast, abundance personified

You have many, diversity at its best

You allow all in, somebody said inclusiveness

You separate some, but it is their choice

You can connect all, networking needs channels

There is fire inside but peace outside, contrast?

There are jewels inside but you don't need, simple living

You host all, but none are needed for you, saintly?

Sea oh my sea, may i live some by learning from you?

Can I be your drop? Just one drop!

(Inspired by Madoun sir taking a dip in the Mediterranean Sea before starting his journey to India)

Enlightening journey

It was supposed to be a short journey

Not a sweet one, leaving mother and town behind

Ninety miles and a six score minutes!

Covering the capital lap in super fast "paper city" express

Distance can't lengthen, tracks can't stretch

But time expanded as nothingelse would

Was it Parkinson who said work expands? Yes, to fill the elastic time available

Here it was journey, but life melts

Murphy said, if a thing can go wrong, it would!

Upstream two hours, so were the downstream, a full four via Warangal

But math can be strange, two plus two becomes eight

Management gurus say, when sum of two is more, it is synergy

Sad, here it is no energy case

Infinite stops, no reason, helpless if not hopeless

Signals, clearance, cross-overs are a few X-cuses

Know the reason, no penalty for being "late"

Choked lines just waste lives, Productivity and Sustainability, big "?"

Not defendable journey, can't find any defenders

How super fast becomes super slow, a deep question and can be a research question

Journey got delayed and felt my life is getting wasted

Then I realized, my journey turned truly into my destination

So the arrival happened to shatter up my limiting view

I realized, the destination has arrived. And it was always here!

Journey was the part of the process, and the destination was always here.

(Returning from Warangal on 4th June ‘22)

Bull-dazed Agriculture

Wondered about wandering Bhau and his Basava spotted here

Bhau and Basava are new to Mumbai, 'trucked' from Pandharpur to Navi Mumbai

Chanting 'Vithala' people go from Mumbai for their 'moon-part' bathing

Exploring to 'earn' their living tired Bhau and his bull are here

Bhau-Basava speak silently about agriculture in our remote villages

Rural vitality is gone - hope and happiness exist no longer

Many problems led to migrations and now none likes to persist there

Hurt hearts and dried tears tell the life in the villages

Seeds no longer theirs, water deep, and quality depleted in 'bored' soils

Weather is gone beyond any measure, costs weathered the life

Uncertainty and risks are beyond all measures, insure if not sure

Only weeds are prospering, reflecting majority society in our soils

They said call the helpful centre, agricultural call centre

Agriculture extension centre too around, but not extending any culture

Viability, volatility, and vulnerability vitiated environment

Now the desperate call is to the ONE, the universal power centre

Bhau 'Rao' was a recognizable farmer, respected and his own master

Cornered, improbability of discharging loan pushed him here

The 'new' road was long to Mumbai, 'requesting' money embarrassing

Bull adapted faster to the new trade, shaking head to fetch some for his master

Villages had synergetic pairs earlier, Bhaus and their Bulls

Now razed agriculture left borrowed Bhaus, and dazed bulls

Agriculture was the life and village 'simply' survived together

Seasons shall change, years may roll but will the Journey reverse for Bhaus and Bulls?

(Tired and embarrassed Bhaurao and docile Bull were spotted by Ainavolu in the hot sun on a main road opposite the university on 10th June '22).